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Portrait of Kurama by MD by kurama-love Portrait of Kurama by MD :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 KURAMA 3 by hanasazumi by kurama-love KURAMA 3 by hanasazumi :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 Sweet Rose by hanasazumi by kurama-love Sweet Rose by hanasazumi :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 +kawaii kurama+ by a--r by kurama-love +kawaii kurama+ by a--r :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 1 0 teh whip XD by amethyst-rose by kurama-love teh whip XD by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 +fuka.enbu.jin+ by a--r by kurama-love +fuka.enbu.jin+ by a--r :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 14 0 petals by amethyst-rose by kurama-love petals by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 1 0 Blended - Youko by a--r by kurama-love Blended - Youko by a--r :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 1 0 Manga Kurama by amethyst-rose by kurama-love Manga Kurama by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 Blended--Kurama by a-r by kurama-love Blended--Kurama by a-r :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 3 0 Roses are red...ish by wlk by kurama-love Roses are red...ish by wlk :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 0 0 Youko Kurama by amethyst-rose by kurama-love Youko Kurama by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 3 0 Deadly Youko by amethyst-rose by kurama-love Deadly Youko by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 4 0
Toak 7 by DanniKatana
(A/N: Inter-world crossoverness here.  So don't be surprised XD)
Thoughts of a Kitsune 7—Bonding</b>
She found out.
One of the things I feared would happen…did.
I was only lucky Sesshomaru protected her while I had been away, trying to regain control over myself.  I approach her now, and she looks up.  I know she saw me, but she looks ahead of her all the same.  I sit on the black shingles of the rooftop next to her.
"Is the road always this busy?" she asks, referring to the cars zooming by, their headlights flashing across us momentarily before continuing to pierce the darkness in front of them.
"Sometimes, yes.  You get used to it."  I look to her.  "I…"
"You're a demon.  I understand.  But…why didn't you tell me?"
"I wanted to protect you," I respond softly.  "If you had known…oh gods, countless people wish me dead…they would use you.  They even did, once."
:iconkurama-love:kurama-love 1 0
ToaK 6 by DanniKatana
Thoughts of a Kitsune 6—Priorities</i>
Looking up from my desk, there stands Maya.  Déjà vu…
"Maya," I reply, honestly surprised.  "I wasn't aware you had also applied to Meio."
She nods, looking down at her strawberry colored uniform, then at my purple one.  "But these uniforms are kinda lame, huh."
I shrug.
"Suichii…I…I know that things didn't work out in middle school…"
Things had actually never gotten started at all.  Where does she get the idea we had gone out?  A side-effect of the dream pollen?
"…but…I…I'd like to try again.  Would you…go out with me, please?"
Lately there's been a void in my life, something I've been feeling that's just…missing.  Perhaps…
"You will?"  Her face lights up.  "Yay!" she squeals, blushing a bright red and doing a twirl on the spot.  "Oh I'm so happy!  Thank you, Suichii!"
"Suichii…" Maya says late
:iconkurama-love:kurama-love 1 0
KotC--KagKur by amethyst-rose by kurama-love KotC--KagKur by amethyst-rose :iconkurama-love:kurama-love 15 0


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A Kurama club that won't die!!
United States
Current Residence: Shiori Minnamino's house
Personal Quote: "Regret is a different beast when you live for centuries."
Last entry: 4-16-07


Artworkplz?  Hopefully you haven't been lazy like me ;~;  I'm sorry for neglecting this club for so long.  *huggles it* I'm sorry baby.  *petpet*

>.>;;;  Artworks?  Please?



This club was founded out of love for Kurama (meaning Yoko as well), and because of the fact that all other Kurama clubs are currently dead, leaving no rallying point for Kurama lovers.

:rose:Founder/Owner(s) :rose:
Founder:: :icondannikatana:
Owner:: :icondannikatana:
Co-Owners: (none as of yet)


:bulletred: You must have a liking (or love) for Kurama and/or Yoko, obviously.
:bulletred: You don't have to submit anything if you don't wish.
:bulletred: Respect other members of the club.
:bulletred: Very important: To join, you must send a note to the club with Join</i> as the subject.  Notes titled otherwise or comments on the page will be ignored.
:bulletred: You must watch the club and put either : iconkurama-love : (without the spaces) or : devkurama-love : (without spaces) in your journal.  It should turn out like this:
:iconkurama-love: or kurama-love

:bulletred: Send a note to the club titled "Submission" or something along those lines, with a link to your piece of artwork (picture, fanfic, etc.)
:bulletred: The original piece MUST</u> have already been posted in your gallery, or we will not post it here.
:bulletred: The fanart must pertain to Kurama or Yoko in some way, and no mature content, or yaoi (join a yaoi club if you wish to submit it there, sorry).  You may, however, submit a piece with Kurama and an OC (original character).


Do not favorite or comment on any pieces of art in this gallery.  The club did not make this art, and all comments and favorites must go to the original artist, who will definitely appreciate it more.

Anyone who continually does this (once or twice accidentally is understandable) will be unable to participate in club activities, i.e. contests, submitting art...for an amount of time.

none at the moment



:rose:Thank you for visiting!:rose:


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Pinkbun17 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Awesome club, but it seems it has died. Such a shame! Kurama is rocking!
inuyasha13014rocks Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
i luv kurama especially wen he turns into yoko!!! he is sooo awesome rite?
inuyasha13014rocks Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
i luv kurama especially wen he turns into yoko!!! he is sooo awesome rite?
YuYuHakushoRP-DA Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
Wanna be affiliates?

And anyone who sees this, this account is for role-play of YuYu Hakusho ^_^ Please check it out if interested!
pa1ntAp1cture Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
could i join!!!
hanasazumi Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
^__^ thank you ^__^
DA-club-yellowpages Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007
Your club is now listed in our directory!
ChasityLynHurter14 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Thanks for having me on your members list :hug:
kurama-love Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Of course! =3 you're the first member XD Kudos to you joining first? lol ^_^
ChasityLynHurter14 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
YAAAY!!!!! *glomps teh Master of roses, Kurama-san* :glomp: MUCH LUUUV TO YOU,DUDE :love: :aww:
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